A downloadable library for Windows and Linux

This is a Lua library written in C++ to expose the functionality of libnoise to Lua programs. It can be used with game engines like LÖVE, and probably Corona as well, or just with normal Lua or LuaJIT.

libnoise is an incredibly powerful C++ library for creating and manipulating Perlin Noise, which can be used for procedural generation of things like terrain or clouds - or an entire planet.
It uses a custom generator to write the C++ code for the Lua package, which uses Lua's C API directly. Currently it only works with Lua 5.1 (and therefore LuaJIT), but that's being worked on.
Compiles on Linux using GCC for Linux and MinGW from MXE for Windows.

Its GitHub page is at https://github.com/CrackedP0t/LuaNoise/, where you can find the source and tutorials.
If you would like to see some examples, the tutorials from the libnoise website have been translated to work with Lua. Make sure to copy noise.so or noise.dll into the tutorials/ directory, then run them with Lua 5.1.

It does include libnoise's noiseutils.

Although it's marked as a beta, it's actually pretty stable, so you could definitely use it in a game.

Install instructions

Currently, it's only released for 64 bit platforms, but you can compile it for a 32 bit platform easily enough. Make sure to take off -lin64 or -win64 before you use it!