A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are in a box, and you can only press the up, left, and right keys. Don't press any other ones, or else!

Most definitely don't press the space, escape, r, g, b, o, or s keys... or else.

Made by /u/CrackedP0t.

Install instructions

Just unzip the Windows version to a folder and double-click on CrackedP0t.exe.

If you're on another platform, then download LÖVE and open CrackedP0t.love with it.


CrackedP0t-win.zip 2 MB
CrackedP0t.love 415 kB


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Got a lua error: https://i.sli.mg/bBZ4yo.png

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You need to update your LÖVE version to 0.10.x

Oh, crap. Can't update it right now.

Hm... It says I'm missing a dll

You'll need to actually unzip it to a folder... did you do that?

I just downloaded the love program and the love file. It works now.

It might be important to link people here https://love2d.org/#download